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Supernatural Phenomena

By definition, a supernatural or paranormal occurrence is an event that defies explanation concerning the experience. To put it differently, it’s something which science can not describe; at least not yet. Cases of paranormal phenomena include cryptids, ghosts, telekinesis, and other types of psychic powers or things.

List of Paranormal Phenomena

Some experiences fall within the realm of the paranormal. Here are some broad categories to give you an overview of precisely how much “supernatural” action is reported around the planet.


Ghosts may be regarded as the grand-daddy of paranormal experiences. Everyone has some amount of curiosity about what happens when they die. Is there life after death? Are spirits capable of communication with the living? Some people today believe and some hope it is true. Many individuals have reported seeing apparitions of forms, some familiar and others unknown.

Although most people consider ghosts as an all-encompassing term, there are different kinds of spirits which fall into this group, including wicked spirits sometimes known as demons, and elemental spirits only known as an “it.”

There are quite a few theories about how they may figure out how to communicate with the living and what ghosts could be. The present theory holds that the pure consciousness of a ghost can communicate through perceptions like clairaudience and clairvoyance and exists as energy. It is believed that the creatures which exist in this paranormal realm are not dead, but instead may be anyone, living or dead’s consciousness, that’s currently disembodied. To put it differently, a human who is having an out of body experience or projection might seem to someone as a ghost.


Demonology is a favorite paranormal topic. There are lots of in the paranormal community, like the contentious Lorraine Warren, who have committed their paranormal professions to demonology.

Opinions are divided as to whether demons exist. From one point of view, the belief is that demons are Satan’s minions; however, this idea is contested by modern ghost hunters. They think that what is considered to be a fanatic is a soul or an angry ghost. A demon may be a man who was not nice in life, and many believe that people retain their personalities in the afterlife.


Have beings from another planet visited Earth? Does life exist beyond the atmosphere of the earth? There’s certainly lots of anecdotal proof to support the claims, in addition to a large body of suspicious physical signs. Some people even claim the US government is maintaining conclusive physical evidence under tight security because of the notorious UFO crash years ago in Roswell, New Mexico.


Hauntings are paranormal experiences which are attached to a place. This is not always true, although ghosts can be involved with them. According to The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) article Get to Know Your Ghosts, hauntings could be classed accordingly:

  • Residual hauntings: This action involves a situation repeating itself over and over in a given place at a general time of day. Consider it as watching an of a TV program.
  • Poltergeist action: Poltergeists are a sort of energy which attaches to individuals, causing odd mayhem and action wherever an affected person belongs. Objects moving by themselves doors opening on their own and projectiles forces fall under the heading of activity.
  • Intelligent hauntings: This is the traditional sort of haunting where a soul attempts to interact with living beings at a specific site.

Within paranormal realms, poltergeist hauntings are the most feared because they can be frightening and violent. Many are surprised to learn that parapsychologists believe that poltergeists have nothing to do with men and women or it haunts. Rather, there is a poltergeist thought to be a kind of energy generated by an individual who’s unaware of what they’re currently doing.

Myths and Legends

This class contains creatures that are famous such as:

  • Werewolves
  • Vampires
  • Zombies
  • Green Man
  • Mothman


This branch of paranormal research is cataloged and as yet unidentified by science.

They include the analysis of:

The belief in these paranormal creatures has been in existence for centuries arising from stories passed down to describe elements of life that could not be understood.

Metaphysical Phenomena

Phenomena include but are not limited to these concepts as:

  • Reincarnation: The cyclic return of a single soul into new physical bodies
  • Telepathy: The silent transmission of ideas
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with the power of their brain
  • Clairvoyance/ESP: The ability to perceive future and past events, and feel things beyond the scope of the overall five senses
  • Astrology: The analysis of how the planets and other astral bodies influence the human experience
  • Chakras: Seven energy portals located at particular areas of the body from the thoracic to the top of the head
  • Auras: Colorful energy fields that envelop Someone in any given moment

Explore the Paranormal

This is just a taste of things which may be considered supernatural and as paranormal phenomena. With the amount of paranormal research, science might find answers to unexplained phenomena. Until then, they signify what we need to learn about the world around us.

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