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When the Electric Log Splitter Dies

The wonderful thing about an electric log splitter is that the energy used to divide the timber is free when residing with solar power. I would never exchange my email splitter to get a gasoline one. I really don’t need another gasoline motor to keep and pay for the fuel to run it. My email splitter can perform slower and more occasionally have less power to get the job at hand, however, it’s far better than swinging the older fashioned and much less expensive compared to a petrol log splitter.

I understood that I’ve been competitive with my Homelite electric log splitter within the previous 3 decades. I’ve violated virtually every recommendation from the user’s guide. A simile would clarify. The log splitter is similar to an individual ingesting a 32-ounce soda via a plastic stir rod rather than a straw. It had been hungry for electricity. I knew I would need to purchase a bigger gauge outdoor extension cable, 10-gauge minimal for the 100 feet run to the woodshed. Check out the best log splitters on the market.

Regrettably, I was late with all the new cord. Initially, I thought perhaps it had been the breaker, after studying some Web articles relating to it. I purchased a brand new breaker and after I replaced it the splitter behaved marginally better, however, the breaker could nevertheless flip after a couple of minutes of jogging.

I started looking around the electric wiring and observed that the capacitor was jerking on a single side. I started looking into seat testing capacitors and behold, I discovered my problem. After I replaced the capacitor, the issues stopped and the log splitter was more operating like new and stronger than it’s been in quite a while. The new power was clearly in the substituted capacitor, but I understood just how much better than the splitter performed with all the brand new 10-gauge outdoor extension cable I bought.

Consequently, in case you’ve got an electric log splitter and it’s having a challenging time engaging the pliers and flips the breaker every time it attempts to participate, the capacitor might be toast. If the capacitor shows any indication of bulging, odds are extremely high that the capacitor is your issue. You may even examine the capacitor using a voltmeter to have an overall idea if it’s functioning properly.

The price to fix and troubleshoot this issue with my email splitter was as follows…

Breaker =13.37 (not mandatory), ”Capacitor =24.03, 10-gauge outdoor extension cable = $139.00 to get a grand total of $176.40. But to buy a brand new Homelite electric log splitter could have been $299.00, and $139.00 for your own extension cable. I would still buy the 10-gauge extension cable so that I wouldn’t repeat the exact same mistake again. However, buying fresh, the expensive alternative, could have been $438.00.

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