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Fenomenos – 3 Frightful Ghost stories

These are frightful pictures of actual ghosts captured on camera photography will send chills down your spine!

Top 3 most spooky ghost stories

The Cooper Family Hanging Ghost

As frightening as it seems, this film was shrouded in mystery for decades, and it’s most likely the most strange ghosts captured on camera. The Cooper family had just moved into an older home they purchased and were very enthusiastic about it. Consequently, the idea of maintaining this memory by merely taking an image of the entire family in their new house. But little did they know there was somebody else linking into their party — a mysterious figure dangling upside down from the ceiling. There are maybe other tales that say a real body did drop off by the ceiling just at the time that the picture has been taken. Why the surface of the human body stays shameful is just another puzzle — a faceless body or a paranormal activity? Who knows which component is accurate!

The Hospital Demons

This photograph was recorded by a nurse about a surveillance camera for an unknown hospital. The pictures reveal a dim, crouched figure (resembling a demon) standing in addition to an individual’s body that had been lying in bed. The nurse also detected the black figure walking down the entire body of the individual. In a couple of hours of this dark figure’s appearance, the individual had died. As creepy as it might sound, demon-like characters are allegedly seen at a hospital. Some state hospitals would be the breeding ground for demons, its where they lurk around, waiting for another soul to expire so that they could drag them. But, no real sources could be retrieved in support of these claims.

The Amityville Haunting

The bodies have been discovered face down on the various beds without the signs of bullet wounds on the corpses or some other battle. And though the neighbors dwelt, not one of them discovered sounds, sounds or cries. Mr. DeFeao maintained that ghosts had been present throughout the occasions and had directed him eliminating his allies through his first intent was to execute his daddy. The house at 112 Ocean Avenue finally went up available and was afterward bought by George and Kathy Lutz.

Even though they were informed by the realtor about the catastrophe, the Lutz’s were enamored with all the house, pool, garage and 4,000 square feet of waterfront they instantly made an offer. The subsequent 28 days followed a pair of dreadful paranormal pursuits that would jolt the Lutz family. In the owned suicidal puppy into the picture half led demon on the walls, green slime running from keyholes and spirits staring blankly through the bedroom windows, the Lutz family always encountered a ghostly presence at the doomed residence. Finally, when they could take it no longer, they had been made to evacuate the home in a rush. They called in researchers to research the area, all of whom claimed to have sensed a strange presence in the house.

Among the researchers happened to click on a photograph of the boy phantom peeking from a room. Whether details of the case have been stretched or a whole hoax all collectively, it remains among the most terrifying and sensationalized ghost stories of our time.


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