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Fenomenos – 3 Frightful Ghost stories

These are frightful pictures of actual ghosts captured on camera photography will send chills down your spine!

Top 3 most spooky ghost stories

The Cooper Family Hanging Ghost

As frightening as it seems, this film was shrouded in mystery for decades, and it’s most likely the most strange ghosts captured on camera. The Cooper family had just moved into an older home they purchased and were very enthusiastic about it. Consequently, the idea of maintaining this memory by merely taking an image of the entire family in their new house. But little did they know there was somebody else linking into their party — a mysterious figure dangling upside down from the ceiling. There are maybe other tales that say a real body did drop off by the ceiling just at the time that the picture has been taken. Why the surface of the human body stays shameful is just another puzzle — a faceless body or a paranormal activity? Who knows which component is accurate!

The Hospital Demons

This photograph was recorded by a nurse about a surveillance camera for an unknown hospital. The pictures reveal a dim, crouched figure (resembling a demon) standing in addition to an individual’s body that had been lying in bed. The nurse also detected the black figure walking down the entire body of the individual. In a couple of hours of this dark figure’s appearance, the individual had died. As creepy as it might sound, demon-like characters are allegedly seen at a hospital. Some state hospitals would be the breeding ground for demons, its where they lurk around, waiting for another soul to expire so that they could drag them. But, no real sources could be retrieved in support of these claims.

The Amityville Haunting

The bodies have been discovered face down on the various beds without the signs of bullet wounds on the corpses or some other battle. And though the neighbors dwelt, not one of them discovered sounds, sounds or cries. Mr. DeFeao maintained that ghosts had been present throughout the occasions and had directed him eliminating his allies through his first intent was to execute his daddy. The house at 112 Ocean Avenue finally went up available and was afterward bought by George and Kathy Lutz.

Even though they were informed by the realtor about the catastrophe, the Lutz’s were enamored with all the house, pool, garage and 4,000 square feet of waterfront they instantly made an offer. The subsequent 28 days followed a pair of dreadful paranormal pursuits that would jolt the Lutz family. In the owned suicidal puppy into the picture half led demon on the walls, green slime running from keyholes and spirits staring blankly through the bedroom windows, the Lutz family always encountered a ghostly presence at the doomed residence. Finally, when they could take it no longer, they had been made to evacuate the home in a rush. They called in researchers to research the area, all of whom claimed to have sensed a strange presence in the house.

Among the researchers happened to click on a photograph of the boy phantom peeking from a room. Whether details of the case have been stretched or a whole hoax all collectively, it remains among the most terrifying and sensationalized ghost stories of our time.


To read 20 more such scary facts about ghosts, click the link and good luck sleeping!


Becoming an empath

Someone with all the psychic ability of compassion also called being an empath, feels that the emotions and bodily pains of other people as significantly or more than her or his own. This barrage of senses can over-stimulate that the empath as well as manifest as stress or erratic behavior.

An empath is so sensitive to the energies surrounding her, particularly the feelings of different individuals, that she can fall prey to enormous strain and inner battle. It may feel like an electric current or merely a nervousness that abruptly overpowers her accompanied by a flood of feelings. Feelings of sadness or depression may come from nowhere and consume her.

This becomes confusing because the empath might not completely comprehend what’s happening to her and attempt to have those feelings by trying to understand why she is feeling such strange and unfounded feelings.

The empath might not have the ability to distinguish the emotions and feelings of other people from his very own, particularly initially. It is not surprising that nearly all empaths at the same time or another become exceptionally depressed or stressed. Besides negative emotions, an empath may also select an individual’s positive ones. But this up and down impact generates a psychological roller coaster ride to the inexperienced and untrained empath.

Many theories are created as a way of explanation. Not many empaths have just this 1 ability, and a few can garner info from multiple psychic capabilities that operate in unison as a single mega psychic capability. The empathic skill then processes this information to feelings. Going beyond both of these psychic abilities, the individual might also have other powerful psychic capabilities that help in the processing of this data she’s receiving.

Until the empath ceases to analyze his unique processes to find out if he is working on rigorously empathic skills or a group of skills, it is hard for him to find means of controlling the data he receives. It takes patience and time to test himself on every potential skill, but after a baseline is established, it is much easier to see how every psychic ability is linked and the way all of these socialize and operate.

Can anybody Be an Empath?

As with other psychic skills, nobody is sure why or how these skills exist, how they operate, or why one individual might possess them while the other does not. Some people today think it is a genetic transference because psychic abilities appear to run in families.

Cayce’s readings indicated that psi skills are the result of soul growth through different incarnations and bodily attunement.

In such scenarios, it is considered that someone that has returned from this kind of adventure has opened some sort of doorway or link between the physical and spirit worlds. This link then somehow imbues that the individual who has psychic abilities.

Dealing With Empathic Abilities

The inexperienced empath is overwhelmed with the sudden flood of advice she receives, particularly when these adventures happen for her as a kid. The feelings and perhaps even physical senses an empath picks up from a different individual could be more powerful than her own. This makes it rather hard to differentiate which feelings are hers and which ones belong to somebody else.

A kid does not have the working mechanisms of a grownup. This psychic ability could produce the kid high-strung and overly-emotional. If she does not have somebody in her life who knows what’s happening, she could be misunderstood. From time to time, the child could be treated as with different emotional or psychological disorders. Kids can get trapped inside this frame early on and stay defined using an illness or disease their whole adult lives.


Many empaths locate a physical solution to the flooding of feelings and other senses by residing in densely populated regions to have a facsimile of a “regular” life. A rural lifestyle does not signify the empath gets resistant to the energies and emotions of many others, but she surely can deal better than she could in a metropolitan atmosphere.

Discussing Helps

Those feelings are usually compounded with the numerous emotions she experiences from different folks, and they can become painful.

Practices to Control Allergic

There are numerous proven methods which may help empaths minimize and even closed down their empathic skills. The issue with shutting down is that the empath frequently becomes nervous and irritable because compassion is a standard function for her.

Meditation is just one of the best and common techniques utilized to help in controlling and comprehension empathic and other psychic skills. There Are Numerous online resources that assist for example:

  • Mystic Familiar, a global online community, provides psychic development courses for empaths.
  • The famous authority on Body and Mind recovery, Deepak Chopra, M.D. Alongside David Simon, M.D. functions the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and provides various programs online in Addition to various workshops in America.An easy method of controlling empathic skills is visualization.
    1. Close your eyes and picture two volume switches on your head. Label one change “me” and one change “everyone else.”
    2. Switch your quantity change all the way up. Switch the volume button for everybody else all of the way down. Initially, this might be several times per day, but as you advance the switches will remain in place for longer intervals. Do this whenever you’re just about to enter situations with audiences (for instance, going into town, going shopping, etc.), or when you’re feeling overwhelmed by emotions you guess aren’t your own.The empath needs to find out how to minimize the private response to information being obtained. This includes a great deal of practice, and finally, she’ll have the ability to differentiate which feelings are hers and which ones belong to somebody else.

Supernatural Phenomena

By definition, a supernatural or paranormal occurrence is an event that defies explanation concerning the experience. To put it differently, it’s something which science can not describe; at least not yet. Cases of paranormal phenomena include cryptids, ghosts, telekinesis, and other types of psychic powers or things.

List of Paranormal Phenomena

Some experiences fall within the realm of the paranormal. Here are some broad categories to give you an overview of precisely how much “supernatural” action is reported around the planet.


Ghosts may be regarded as the grand-daddy of paranormal experiences. Everyone has some amount of curiosity about what happens when they die. Is there life after death? Are spirits capable of communication with the living? Some people today believe and some hope it is true. Many individuals have reported seeing apparitions of forms, some familiar and others unknown.

Although most people consider ghosts as an all-encompassing term, there are different kinds of spirits which fall into this group, including wicked spirits sometimes known as demons, and elemental spirits only known as an “it.”

There are quite a few theories about how they may figure out how to communicate with the living and what ghosts could be. The present theory holds that the pure consciousness of a ghost can communicate through perceptions like clairaudience and clairvoyance and exists as energy. It is believed that the creatures which exist in this paranormal realm are not dead, but instead may be anyone, living or dead’s consciousness, that’s currently disembodied. To put it differently, a human who is having an out of body experience or projection might seem to someone as a ghost.


Demonology is a favorite paranormal topic. There are lots of in the paranormal community, like the contentious Lorraine Warren, who have committed their paranormal professions to demonology.

Opinions are divided as to whether demons exist. From one point of view, the belief is that demons are Satan’s minions; however, this idea is contested by modern ghost hunters. They think that what is considered to be a fanatic is a soul or an angry ghost. A demon may be a man who was not nice in life, and many believe that people retain their personalities in the afterlife.


Have beings from another planet visited Earth? Does life exist beyond the atmosphere of the earth? There’s certainly lots of anecdotal proof to support the claims, in addition to a large body of suspicious physical signs. Some people even claim the US government is maintaining conclusive physical evidence under tight security because of the notorious UFO crash years ago in Roswell, New Mexico.


Hauntings are paranormal experiences which are attached to a place. This is not always true, although ghosts can be involved with them. According to The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) article Get to Know Your Ghosts, hauntings could be classed accordingly:

  • Residual hauntings: This action involves a situation repeating itself over and over in a given place at a general time of day. Consider it as watching an of a TV program.
  • Poltergeist action: Poltergeists are a sort of energy which attaches to individuals, causing odd mayhem and action wherever an affected person belongs. Objects moving by themselves doors opening on their own and projectiles forces fall under the heading of activity.
  • Intelligent hauntings: This is the traditional sort of haunting where a soul attempts to interact with living beings at a specific site.

Within paranormal realms, poltergeist hauntings are the most feared because they can be frightening and violent. Many are surprised to learn that parapsychologists believe that poltergeists have nothing to do with men and women or it haunts. Rather, there is a poltergeist thought to be a kind of energy generated by an individual who’s unaware of what they’re currently doing.

Myths and Legends

This class contains creatures that are famous such as:

  • Werewolves
  • Vampires
  • Zombies
  • Green Man
  • Mothman


This branch of paranormal research is cataloged and as yet unidentified by science.

They include the analysis of:

The belief in these paranormal creatures has been in existence for centuries arising from stories passed down to describe elements of life that could not be understood.

Metaphysical Phenomena

Phenomena include but are not limited to these concepts as:

  • Reincarnation: The cyclic return of a single soul into new physical bodies
  • Telepathy: The silent transmission of ideas
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with the power of their brain
  • Clairvoyance/ESP: The ability to perceive future and past events, and feel things beyond the scope of the overall five senses
  • Astrology: The analysis of how the planets and other astral bodies influence the human experience
  • Chakras: Seven energy portals located at particular areas of the body from the thoracic to the top of the head
  • Auras: Colorful energy fields that envelop Someone in any given moment

Explore the Paranormal

This is just a taste of things which may be considered supernatural and as paranormal phenomena. With the amount of paranormal research, science might find answers to unexplained phenomena. Until then, they signify what we need to learn about the world around us.

real paranormal mansion ghost sighting

Different Types of Ghost Sightings

Everybody encounters ghost sightings differently. All these sightings seem to be as unique as the people who once inhabited the ground. Parapsychologists characterize ghost sightings in 2 major classes: apparitions and hauntings.


Parapsychologists refer to interactive and intelligent souls as apparitions. Ghosts seem to interact with their surroundings, displaying quick responsiveness to matters happening in the current moment. As an instance, an apparition may react appropriately to some query in an EVP session, or it could interact with paranormal investigation equipment like EMF meters online petition.

Public Parapsychology describes several kinds of apparitions.

Crisis Apparitions

Crisis apparitions seem to loved ones in 12 to 24 hours of departure and at times even when the individual is still living but quite near death. These spirits normally return to nearest ones to communicate important material, like one of love or comfort. Sometimes, the emergency apparition is the first time that the loved one knows the individual has expired.

Living Apparitions

This one is a bit odd for some individuals, but it will happen. A dwelling apparition is as soon as the soul of a man or woman who’s still living appears to somebody in a spot that’s different from the place that their body now inhabits. In such scenarios, the soul could be traveling through astral projection, meditation, or even dreaming.

Deathbed Visions

Deathbed dreams occur when someone is dying. Sometimes relatives, caregivers, and others in the region may experience dreams of those who have passed or extraterrestrial beings that they explain as angels. Afterlife researcher Dr. Raymond Moody calls these “shared death experiences” in his publication Paranormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife.

Post-Mortem Apparitions

All these are apparitions that look after a person has died, from minutes to decades after, what people often refer to as a “ghost.”


 When a lot of men and women use the expression “haunting” to explain any ghostly paranormal activity, parapsychologists use the expression in a far more specific manner. In parapsychology, a haunting happens as a historic and lively imprint. The Paranormal Encyclopedia refers to this sort of action as a “staying wayward.”

Like busy, smart apparitions, hauntings can influence any of those senses. As an instance, a haunting might lead to a ghost odor, sightings of spirits, disembodied voices, electronic voice phenomena, or ghost touches. But, unlike apparitions, these hauntings are neither smart nor interactive. Instead, they’re like replaying a picture of an occasion that once happened. The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) notes hauntings have some specific characteristics:

  • They’re location-specific.
  • As time passes, similar reports for this place arise from several witnesses.

Additional Kinds of Sightings

While not technically ghosts, lots of people lump the subsequent categories into ghosts and hauntings.


Poltergeists most often occur as the consequence of a living representative, based on parapsychologists. While the frequent belief is that the poltergeist agent is most frequently a teenaged girl, in actuality, any individual of any gender or age can function as a poltergeist agent. Throughout a poltergeist “haunting,” the dwelling agent encounters repressed and unexpressed deep feelings that cause a sudden discharge of psychokinetic energy. Resultantly, odd happenings frequently attributed to ghosts can happen like lights flickering, objects flying through the atmosphere, or even the manifestation of odd materials. When these occurrences may potentially be conducive to an apparition utilizing psychokinetic energy, parapsychologists attempt to first rule out a living representative before hunting paranormal explanations.


Demons are usually lumped in with ghosts. Particular religions consider demons to be wicked spirits or tormentors out of Hell. But, parapsychologists such as Loyd Auerbach think demons to be a spiritual build occurring beyond the range of experience of this paranormal investigator. Instead, demons fall within the world of the church and need to be researched by trained and knowledgeable clergy. Bishop James Long, who’s appeared on several television shows like Ghost Adventures, began the Paranormal Clergy to train clergy to manage demons. He believes that put people should not try to bargain with them.

Manifestations In the Living

Manifestations of what are thought to be spirits frequently happen from the dwelling. There’s a famous experiment known as the Philip Experiment, which explains this activity perfectly. From the 1970s, a group of Canadian researchers assembled and attempted over the span of many months to make a soul. To do so, they met regularly to maintain a seance to make an extremely particular soul, whom they called Philip. They all established particular aspects of the soul, who, later time, did seem to the study group. The study raises interesting questions regarding whether individuals produce and manifest soul activity in haunted places from anticipation, want, or perception.

Attributes of Sightings

Even though the “holy grail” of paranormal investigation is that the full-body, interactive apparition, in fact, apparitions might not appear to individuals. Rather, they can use psychokinetic power to move objects or answer queries either through electronic voice phenomena or disembodied voices. Likewise, they can “touch” individuals or leave a specific degree of energy in the area that some sensitive individuals may discern.

As stated by the ASSAP, individuals report a lot of distinct kinds of action which could signal a ghost sighting.

Shadow People

These dark figures take human form but are usually a couple of feet tall. They don’t have discernible faces or features and seem as black literary figures in haunted places. Shadow people tend to get a density which seems to be thicker than items around them.

Strong People

A lot of folks report experiences with folks as strong as a living individual. Nonetheless, these figures might be dressed in period clothes, can talk in language that is outdated, or may take part in strange behavior such as evaporating or not speaking when spoken to.


Some apparitions may seem like a dark or a light mist which creates from nowhere and then dissipates only as speedily. Sometimes, the mist supposes a partial or full human type, but not necessarily. Many all-natural explanations can exist for mists. Therefore it’s crucial to rule out environmental conditions that might give rise to a mist before imagining paranormal activity.

Partial Apparitions

Sometimes, individuals can report seeing just part of an individual, like an upper body, an arm, or a face. By ASSAP, these kinds of sightings are infrequent.

Evidence of Spirit Hauntings

What’s it like to find a ghost? Some of us are frightened, others just curious. While sensations do not definitively establish a haunting, they give credence to claims of a location or individual being postponed when coupled with other signs.

Cold Sports or Feeling Cold

Researchers consider souls require the power to manifest, and they extract heat or thermal energy in the air to be able to achieve that. Cold stains, feelings of freezing, or abnormally cold temperatures can indicate a soul is close.

Battery Demo

Much like cold areas, some researchers consider spirits extract the power from batteries such as those used in devices or cameras when they try to manifest. As a result of this, seasoned researchers pack extra batteries on all investigations in the event they encounter battery drain. But, researchers comprehend battery drain might have more logical explanations, also.

Gear Failure or Interference

Some folks report experiencing difficulties using common electronics. By way of instance, radios tune into inactive; televisions change stations independently, cameras no more function or stereos turn off and on for no apparent reason. Some people today attribute these encounters to ghosts, but no scientific evidence exists to support this concept.

Feelings of Being Watched

Individuals who have experienced ghost sightings firsthand often report strange sensations, like the sensation of being viewed when nobody is about. Other senses reported include a sense of not being wanted or even a powerful feeling that someone has to depart the premises. According to Auerbach, the human body is one of the best ghost hunting gear, so individuals ought to pay attention to such kinds of senses.

Odd Psychical Sensations and Atmospheric Changes

Anecdotally, some folks report discovering a feeling of unease or even a sense of heaviness in the air in which an apparition exists. In these scenarios, an individual may observe strange sensations, like goosebumps or hair growing up on the arms and back of the throat. It might also happen as a strange tingle, lightheadedness, dizziness, as well as butterflies in the stomach. Some accounts were detecting abrupt sensory changes like strange scents, tastes, or even landscapes. Mary Ann Winowski, the writer of When Ghosts Speak, additionally notes which individuals may detect problems such as nausea or headaches in the existence of spirits.

Unusual Seems

Based on ASSAP, the most frequent quality of a haunting is odd sounds, but many of them have probably logical explanations. Odd noises can consist of disembodied voices, humming, unexplained audio, buzzing, whooshing, or other sounds.

Visual Evidence

Folks report optical signals that may also indicate the existence of a soul. As an instance, you might notice something which looks like heat waves, gaps in shadows or light, or mists. You could also detect something is obstructing out things in your field of vision, or you could see that something which seemed strong has vanished entirely.

Things To Do for Recurrent Sightings

Sightings of apparitions could be disconcerting and even frightening to the average individual. If you Find a ghost, do the following:

1. Wait and Watch

Having one sighting, have a wait and watch attitude. There might be several logical and natural explanations for everything you think you saw or experienced. In the event the encounters grow or grow, then you might want to seek out assistance.

2. Document Without Jumping to Conclusions

Whenever you have an adventure, notice the date, time, and also overall requirements (darkness/lightness, weather, fever, and what you’re doing at the moment, etc.). Then, write precisely what happened for example information about:

  • Any Bodily sensations
  • Everything you watched
  • Everything you noticed
  • Additional details

Maintain a journal of this action and search for patterns. If others are present throughout the action, have them write exactly what they experienced and saw too.

3. Search Non-Paranormal Explanations

Sometimes, there are physical causes of what is apparently paranormal activity. Some of those causes might, in fact, be harmful, so it’s important that you rule out things such as electric issues and elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

4. Speak to a Dependable Pro

If you stay worried, think about contacting a dependable and trusted psychic moderate or paranormal investigator. Supply them with the diary you’ve maintained of this action. Search for groups that perform criminal history checks to their staff members and offer some information about potential explanations for hauntings. GhostStop includes a list of ghost hunting teams that may help you to find one nearest to your region.

5. Establish Boundaries

Inform any spirits that this is your house, and they’re terrifying you and your kids. Ask them to honor your boundaries by not bothering pets or children, or even by not bothering you as you are sleeping.

6. Prevent Two-Way Communication

Home and company owners should not try to interact with their souls. Though you might be curious, acquiring an EVP session or requesting the soul to socialize can increase the action since the soul realizes you’re open to interaction. Rather, let a psychic try communicating with the spirit.



7. Be Skeptical of this Hype

Popular media likes to sensationalize paranormal activity in films and on tv shows. While shows and movies portray paranormal activity as really strong, in actuality, it’s often a lot more subtle than one guesses. Similarly, most paranormal activity is benign. While it could feel frightening, it’s unlikely souls will cause you some bodily injury or put you in any danger.

Living With Spirits

When you’ve got an experience you think is an experience with a ghost, then see to the soul as you would another living human being. If persistent action bothers you, seek assistance from qualified researchers or psychic mediums. If on the other hand, your experience with a soul is a one-time thing, you will have a wonderful story to share with the rest of your life.

To help you identify some paranormal activity, be sure to check out our post regarding ESP meters and experiments.

paranormal spirit

ESP Experiments

The History of ESP Experiments

Humanity’s interest in ESP goes back for centuries, and it stays an intriguing phenomenon still experienced by thousands of people around the world.

Extrasensory perception (ESP) is often called a “sixth sense.” While individuals have the five standard senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, there’s a theory that humans also have another sense between the brain. The expression “ESP” was initially employed by a French writer named Dr. Paul Joire in 1892 when he used the expression to describe how people who had been hypnotized could still feel things around them without even using the five senses.

Forms of ESP usually fall into four basic classes:

  • Telepathy: Reading another individual’s mind
  • Clairvoyance: Obtaining knowledge about a distant object or occasion
  • Precognition: Predicting future events
  • Psychokinesis: Influencing the entire world through the only idea.

The Earliest ESP Research

Serious scientific study of this ESP phenomenon began in the 1930s.

American parapsychologist Joseph Banks Rhine was among the first researchers to experiment with all the ESP phenomenon in the lab. Rhine had subjects try to predict the order of a string of five symbols when pulled from a randomly shuffled deck of 25 “ESP cards.” Rhine categorized subjects as having ESP based on a calculation of the likelihood of their blessed guesses against the odds of chance alone.

Starting in the mid-1960s, Canadian Sheila Ostrander and American Lynn Schroeder, two investigators and writers, spent years studying the work of Soviet scientists on this subject. Beneath the more open-door atmosphere created by the new Troika rulership, Schroder and Ostrander spent three years collecting info about Soviet parapsychology research. In 1971, they published Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain. This book became an instant hit in New Age circles. However, also, it caught the eye of the U.S. government.

U.S. Intelligence Notices ESP

A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document dated July 1972 (declassified from the mid-1990s) shows the degree to which the revelations in Ostrander/Schroeder book concerned U.S. intelligence. The Court reads:

“Based on Ostrander and Schroeder, the USSR is ahead of the US in some areas of technical psi research.”

The report suggested that DIA concern focused on the possibility that Soviet victory with ESP may allow the Soviets to:

  1. Obtain knowledge of U.S. secrets, military positions, and plan
  2. Safety the thoughts of U.S. leaders
  3. Remotely kill any U.S. official
  4. Remotely disable U.S. equipment or weaponry

U.S. Government ESP Research

At the same time that the U.S. Intelligence community became concerned about developments in the Soviet Union, a lecturer in the electrical engineering division of Stanford University by the name of Harold (Hal) Puthoff decided to enter the field of PSI research.

Previously an NSA (National Security Agency) officer, Hal was an accomplished physicist in the field of laser research. It is unsure what caused Hal’s surprising departure from science fiction into the contentious world of psychic study in 1971.

In 1971, Hal Puthoff attained degree OTVII in Scientology. Also, based on Jeffrey Richelson in his publication The Wizards of Langley, Puthoff’s financing for his SRI (Stanford Research Institute) laser-related research dwindled. Therefore he got permission from his manager. Then he obtained a $10,000 investment in the owner of the Church’s Chicken franchise to begin conducting ESP experiments to ascertain the existence of psychic abilities.

The Birth of Remote Viewing

esp remote viewing

Only a year later, Puthoff was the head of SRI’s government contract, with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), to research and determine if what the Soviets intended to utilize the occurrence for was possible. From 1970 through 1985, Puthoff and SRI have been the central focus of government investments in exploring the phenomenon. The initial research began at the CIA division of Science and Technology, and then transferred to the Department of Defense(DoD) and eventually the DIA. The Air Force and Navy both invested significant funds into exploring the phenomenon and enlisted SRI’s assistance. SRI’s work in this field resulted in an entirely new expression for the occurrence of clairvoyance that Ingo Swann called “Remote Viewing.” Hal Puthoff is considered the father of remote viewing by people who claim to exercise it today.

In 1995, the CIA ran the last evaluation of this 24 year government-sponsored ESP experiments and applications. The AIR released its evaluation to the general public on November 28, 1995. The three researchers commissioned to compose the report requested two practitioners to provide individual evaluations of the program.

The two evaluations were very conflicting. Jessica Utts, in her test, said that the statistical effects reported at the SAIC experiments suggested that psychic functioning is well recognized. Ray Hyman agreed that effect sizes were bigger than opportunity, but argued whether those non-chance effects justified concluding that the reality of psychic functioning can be established.

ESP Remains a Mystery

Surprisingly, following ESP experiments stretching from the 1930s most of the way through the 24 years of U.S. Government sponsored parapsychology study, there is still no definitive response. No scientist could point to some pair of parameters which will create a synergistic effect to prove the reality of the ESP phenomenon. Anecdotal evidence abounds, and there are intriguing stories to be found throughout all of the society. Skeptics and believers continue to debate whether the weak effects identified in the laboratory represent a seed of something much bigger that might be hidden deep within the human mind. Many skeptics still assert that so-called powers of extrasensory perception are merely nothing more than the inadequate methodology and hopeful imagination of parapsychologists.

Perhaps time will reveal the truth.

paranormal investigators

Becoming a paranormal investigator is easier than you think

Lots of men and women who have a keen interest in the paranormal frequently ask how to be a paranormal investigator. Keep reading to learn what is necessary to investigate paranormal occurrence like a professional.

Learning How to Become a Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal investigation is very popular as a recreational hobby among fans who have undergone strange and apparently unexplainable phenomenon firsthand. Unfortunately, most these potential investigators don’t have any research or scientific background.

However, if you’re interested in becoming a professional paranormal investigator, there are lots of regions of training you can focus on to make sure you conduct yourself as a real scientist in the area. Doing this, you will improve your chances of successfully identifying the actual origin of the phenomenon. If you’re well trained, you might even be the one to make a real scientific breakthrough.

Recommended Paranormal Investigator Training


To enter any place and run a useful paranormal investigation, an investigator has to be well equipped, well versed in the scientific method and have an open mind. These are rare qualities in an area where the investigator must address a phenomenon that’s exceptionally unpredictable, hard to comprehend and, occasionally, somewhat scary. Paranormal investigation, more than any other area of scientific study, demands excellent troubleshooting skills, excellent critical thinking skills and superior techniques using the sensitive equipment.

Technology, Sensors and Research Equipment

Since paranormal phenomenon remains so badly known, scientists hoping to discover the cause frequently find themselves starting from scratch. Through the years, researchers have uncovered some patterns like elevated EMF levels, visible apparitions and orbs and even perceptible records called EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon). However, despite these findings, nobody knows which environmental factors affect paranormal phenomenon. Since the cause is still an unknown, all environmental factors must be measured with the following gear.


  • Accelerometers measure even the most subtle vibrations of objects.
  • Video recorders and cameras catch any happening within the human visual variety.
  • Audio recorders measure sound waves (or EMF effects).
  • Infra-red cameras and video measure change within the infra-red visual variety.
  • Thermal cameras measure changes in temperature, and frequently even show shapes or patterns into the thermal field.
  • Spectrum analyzers detect energy during radio wave and wave frequency range.
  • Magnetometer, X-ray and UV scanners measure magnetic properties, inner “structures” and surface properties of objects that move by themselves.

Evidently, a beginning investigator might not be able to pay for all of the test equipment. But, anyone sincerely interested in conducting a critical research in this field will need this equipment. Possible funding might be obtained from funds or grants from non-profit associations, or the investigator may join an existing local paranormal research team.

The Scientific Processreal paranormal house

Too often, researchers report an environmental anomaly, including an EVP or an apparition, and leap to the conclusion that it’s a ghost, a spirit, or whatever other thing matches inside their belief system. Psychics use their instinctive feelings to infer that a soul is present and which sort of emotional energy the thing emits. Unfortunately, these processes fall short of the real scientific method because psychic functioning, while quite possibly a true phenomenon, hasn’t been scientifically confirmed. Thus, it is not a useful tool to quantify paranormal activity.

Professional investigators do the reverse. They approach every odd activity with no pre-conceived solution in mind. Even those that are religiously devout and believe in spirits may adhere to the scientific method by checking their personal beliefs at the door. Superior ghost hunters aim to do just one thing – examine evidence and follow it to where it leads. This does not mean verifying it or debunking it. It merely means recording it and looking for the source using test equipment.

The most critical thing a possible researcher can do is to take at least one university-level course on the “scientific method.” Most community colleges offer such classes to the general public. Additionally, books like Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence, by Etzel Cardena are excellent sources as well.

Write Research Papers on Paranormal Topics

Among the very best techniques to separate the amateurs in the professionals is through writing a “thesis” on a paranormal topic. The field of paranormal research is only going to increase above amateur science when all researchers rise to the level of research workers and skilled writer.

Attributes of a Great Paranormal Investigator

There are particular personal characteristics vital to understanding how to be a paranormal investigator. An effective paranormal researcher is, for all intents and purposes, a scientist. Hence, the traits that form a fantastic scientist will especially help anyone hoping to learn more about the reason behind hauntings and other strange occurrences.

The Primary Features of a Great Investigator

  • Level-headed
  • Excellent troubleshooting and “trial-and-error” research abilities
  • Confident under stress and a very calm demeanor
  • Doesn’t frighten easily
  • Immediately looks for a reasonable cause for an odd event

Require Paranormal Training From a Pro

Fantastic resources for instruction include:

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