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Paranormal Phenomenon

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Scientific studieson paranormal activity

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Paranormal Investigations

Backed by scientific results 

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Here we describe the technologies that can be used for paranormal investigation and ghost hunting. We have collected tips and advice from fellow paranormal investigators and noted them in this article, as well as all of the tools you would need to go about ghost hunting. These tools will provide you with a basis from which to conduct your own research into the paranormal.

Paranormal Investigations

A paranormal investigation is performed by a team who sets out to collect evidence and thereby to prove or disprove claims or suggestions of paranormal activity. This is typically performed as a result of someone requesting assistance in validating or debunking claims of paranormal experiences. These experiences can range from haunting, strange phenomena and the occult 

Eye Witness Reports

We take a look at the detailed reports of credible witnesses witnessing incredible things. Whether you believe their recollections or not, the stories are incredibly interesting. UFO spottings and bigfoot sightings are the most common, with ghost sightings, black eyed creatures, poltergeists and even stranger things are reported. While keeping our bullshit detectors active, we dive head-first into these reports.

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Possible causes of paranormal activity

Air moisture may attract spiritual activity

Ever noticed how the environment around you turns icy cold and almost moist just before a paranormal event occurs. Well, if you want the ghosts to come to you, recent studies have shown that having a humidifier in the room almost triples the chances of a supernatural event occuring. You can travel and meet more paranormal activity in different countires.

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The only way forward is for our community to stand together and prove to the doubters that supernatural and paranormal activity exists in this world, and occurences happen far more often than what the average person would believe

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